URI Enrollment Instructions

Accept Your Financial Aid Award on E-Campus by May 1st:

Complete Your Housing Application on E-Campus by May 15th:

Choose Your Meal Plan:

Sign Up for Orientation by May 1st:

  • https://secure.vzorientation.com/URI/default.aspx
    • Choose “Register Now!” on the right side of the screen
    • Remember that one of the orientations takes place on June 7th at 8:30am on the day after graduation, so you may not want to sign up for that date

Request a Roommate (Optional) on E-Campus Between May 16th and June 1st:

  • https://ecampus.uri.edu:9503/psp/sahrprod_m2/?cmd=login
    • Choose “URI Student Services” on the left side of the screen
    • Choose “My Housing”
    • Login to “My Housing”
    • Choose “Room Selection” on the left side of the screen
    • Choose “Roommate Selection” from the list that appears
      • The person you are requesting must also request you on their E-Campus account in order to be paired together

Register for the Math Placement Exam after May 7th and Take the Math Placement Exam before or by May 25th:


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