Recommendation Letters

  • Fill out a “Request for Letter of Recommendation” sheet (copies available in the Guidance Office and Room 206 or simply click on the following link: Request for Letter of Recommendation).
  • Ask 1-3 teachers (depending on where you are applying) to write recommendation letters on your behalf. Be sure to ask them well in advance of the application deadline to give them enough time to write a quality letter.
    • Indicate to them that you will link them to your Common Application so they can submit their letter online.
    • If any of your schools do not participate in the Common Application, then your recommenders will need to submit hard copies of their letters to each of those schools. You will need to provide stamped and addressed envelopes to each of your recommenders for these schools.
  • Once your recommenders have agreed to write letters on your behalf, give them a copy of your completed “Request for Letter of Recommendation” sheet. See the College Guide if you don’t have access to a copy machine.
  • Log in to your Common Application on
  • Click on the “Education” tab and fill out the information that follows. Some information you’ll need to complete this section includes:
    • The CEEB code for Tolman is 400115.
    • If you are currently a senior, have not repeated any grades, and have attended Tolman all four years, enter 09/2008 as your “Date of Entry.”
    • Enter 06/06/12 for your “Graduation Date.”
    • Enter your Guidance Counselor’s name and contact information.
      • Carla Barbosa, Guidance Counselor
      • Michaela Frattarelli, Guidance Counselor
        • Phone: 401.729.6419
        • E-mail:
        • Fax: 401.729.6403
      • Robert Jackson, Guidance Counselor
        • Phone: 401.729.6415
        • E-mail:
        • Fax: 401.729.6403
      • Jane Renza, Head Guidance Counselor
        • Phone: 401.729.6416
        • E-mail:
        • Fax: 401.729.6403
    • When you are prompted to list any programs or organizations that have provided free assistance with your application process, please list the “National College Advising Corps.” That’s the program that I work for!
    • Be sure to click “Save & Check for Errors” when you are finished.
  • Now you are ready to link your recommenders to your Common Application. Click on the “School Forms” tab and complete the following:
    • Fill out and submit the “Release Authorization” form that appears.
    • You will be rerouted to the “School Forms” page.
    • Click “Invite Official.”
    • In order to complete this section, you will need each of your recommender’s first names, last names, e-mail addresses (if they are a Tolman teacher or guidance counselor, their e-mail address is usually their last name + first letter of first name; for example, for George McLaughlin, though there are exceptions (e.g. for Dr. David Pasquariello, so always double-check), and subject area. Fill out your first recommender’s contact information and click “Send Invitation.”
  • Repeat this step for all other recommenders. Once you have linked all of your recommenders to your Common Application, they will receive an e-mail notification saying so with instructions about how to submit their letters electronically.
  • You should also link your Guidance Counselor to your Common Application so they can upload your transcript and school profile as well as their endorsement of you.
  • Now you will need to indicate which schools you would like to send each of your recommendation letters to.
    • While still on the “School Forms” page, click on the first school that appears in the list of “My Colleges” at the top of the page.
    • Scroll down and indicate which recommenders you would like to submit a recommendation for you for that school. Some schools will require only 1 recommendation, while others will require 2 or 3. As such, you will need to indicate which recommenders will be submitting letters for each of your schools.
  • Repeat this step for all of the schools you are applying to.
  • Once your recommenders have written and submitted their letters, be sure to send them “Thank You” cards

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