Tolman Quick Facts

General School Information:

  • Name: William E. Tolman Senior High School
  • Address: 150 Exchange Street / Pawtucket, RI 02860
  • Phone (Main Office): 401.729.6400
  • Fax (Main Office): 401.729.6407
  • CEEB Code: 400115

Guidance Department Contact Information:

  • Donna Rossi, Secretary
  • Jane Renza, Head Guidance Counselor (11/12 A-F)
  • Robert Jackson, Guidance Counselor (11/12 G-N)
  • Carla Barbosa, Guidance Counselor (11/12 O-Z, 9th repeat)
  • Michaela Frattarelli, Guidance Counselor (Grade 9 A-Z)

Teacher Contact Information:

  • Most Tolman teacher e-mail addresses consist of the person’s Last Name + First Letter of First Name (e.g., however, there are some exceptions (e.g., so you should always double-check

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